15 Best Serger Sewing Machine

best serger sewing machine

When tailoring clothes as a hobbyist or a professional, you will agree that store-bought garments have a quality finishing that sets them apart and above.

Moreover, you will find out that sewing and cutting is not everything until you have your seams correctly and expertly done, hence the need for the best serger sewing machine.

A serger or an overlock machine is your best shot at finishing your project professionally and efficiently while keeping your clothes in perfect condition. Why so? It will not just stitch and finish the seams, but it will also trim the seam allowance and enfold the raw edges in a single step. Sounds pretty convenient, right?

Usually, the best overlock machine can be very expensive or hard to find. Thus, we compiled a high-quality selection of different serger brands and a buying guide. This way, rest assured of finding the one that best suits your needs. Read on.

The Best Serger Sewing Machine

1. JUKI MO654DE Portable Serger Sewing Machine

If you love to do your work in different locations, this portable best serger is your best shot.

  1. Color-coded threading: This is a great way to ensure you are threading easily according to the codes for beginners. Remarkably, an external adjustment for the breakaway looper that provides your setup is easy and quick.
  2. Knife system: The knife is mighty with a speed of 1500spm, ensuring accurate and quick trimming. Better yet, the dedicated drive also allows the user to adjust the fabric feed and length without risks of harm.
  3. Safety switch: Sewing tends to be risky if you use a machine that has no safety features. Luckily, this Juki serger has a safety switch and presser feet, keeping you safe from the motor when the side cover is open.
  4. Versatile sewing: Remarkably, it sews from light to heavy fabrics giving you the flexibility to work with many materials as you desire. Still, a 6.9kgs and compact design weight make it effortless to carry it around to a favorable working spot.






Easy to use



It does not thread automatically.

2. JUKI MO-1000 Push Button Serger

Sometimes threading can be hectic hence the need for a serger with automatic threading ability.

  1. Automatic needle and rolling hem: With just the push of a button, this overlock features a jet air looper that delivers effortless threading. Still, there’s a different feed that is easy to adjust; hence using it is very easy.
  2. Knife system: You can easily deactivate the knife when you want more sewing options. Also, it provides a silent operation with low vibrations.
  3. Direct insertion: Adjusting the tension is a straightforward process with the knobs easy to reach and use.
  4. On/off switch: Starting and ending your project is effortless using the on/off switch. Better yet, sewing starts immediately within 30 seconds after you press on the switch. Moreover, the upper loop allows the conversion of 2-3 threads.
  5. Accessories included: Lucky for you, this automatic serger comes with several accessories like a screwdriver, electronic foot control, tweezers, oil, and dust cover to meet most of your sewing needs.


Easy and automatic use

Powerful and deactivating knife

Thread conversion

Easily adjustable

Multiple accessories

Quick start

Silent operation


Somewhat heavy

3. JUKI MO644D Portable Serger

For those who deal with light and medium-weight fabrics, behold the JUKI MO644D Portable Serger!

  1. Portable: Due to its compact size and relatively lightweight, you can easily transport it to any place for your sewing projects.
  2. Automatic rolled hem: Threading with this best serger is a walk in the park. Thanks to the automatic rolled hem, it serves 2-4 threads at the same time. Remarkably, the coded color threading system provides an effortless experience, not to mention the adjustable feed and stitch length.
  3. Multipurpose foot: It overlocks a variety of products, even those with tape and elastic. Also, it is powerful to provide 1500 stitches per minute which ensures a quick finish of your project. Better yet, it has a slotted tape guide for accuracy.
  4. Serger knife: Because it is sharp, it provides consistent and accurate cuts across different fabrics. Still, it offers space that ensures your hands are safe when you need to adjust the stitch length or material.
  5. Powerful motor: It comprises a powerful engine that can overlock even tough fabrics like denim. Impressively, though it is powerful, it produces slight and quiet vibration for less noise.


Silent operation


Takes little space


Multipurpose and versatile



Tension adjustment seems complicated.

4. Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Overlocker

As a beginner in sewing, you need a serger that is easy to operate and affordable such as Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Overlocker. Read on.

  1. High performance: While it is not as advanced as the Juki models, it still offers an excellent performance allowing 3-4 thread conversions. This way, it ensures the seams on edge are perfect and quality.
  2. Metal frame: Apart from its high performance, you can be sure of a durable serger machine. This is because it comes with a metal frame as well as interior parts, which provide durability.
  3. Speed: The 1300 stitches per minute will allow you to finish overlocking a heavy pile of fabrics within the shortest period. Still, you can control the speed easily using the foot pedal.
  4. Effortless threading: To ensure an easy threading experience and save time, it features a color-coded upper thread guide and a lower loop threading system. Better yet, there is a manual with easy-to-understand instructions to help you thread quickly.
  5. Accessory feet: It comes with three different snap-on feet for stitch setups like standard, gathering, and blind.



Fast and high performance

Simple threading

Easy to use

Several stitches

Easy to adjust the tension


A bit noisy

5. Brother 2340CV Coverstitch Serger

This special serger is designed to cover various fabrics, from light to tough and heavy.

  1. Metal structure: Because you need something that will last serving you with high performance, this serger comes in a metal structure both on the exterior and interior. Also, the rigid two needles provide 2-4 cover stitches that work best on stretchy fabrics and hems and necklines.
  2. Quality performance: For high-quality performance, this overlocker features tri-cover stitch, narrow and wide cover stitches, and general cover stitches that can seam 3-6mm of thick fabrics. Better still, there’s a coded threading system that allows you to thread easily and accordingly.
  3. Fast 1100 stitches per minute: The 2340cv enables a maximum of powerful and fast 1100 stitches per minute, making sure you take the least time on your project.
  4. Pressure foot: Firstly, the presser foot uses a dial to adjust quickly in making ruffles and gathering effects. Luckily, the gathering and blind presser feet come with the serger machine for your convenience.


Quiet operation

Versatile use

Effortless threading

Sturdy structure

Fast and time-saving performance


No knife for trimming

6. Brother Serger DZ1234

If you are not familiar with using a serger properly for your sewing projects, this DZ1234 is a great place to start because of its excellent features and trusted brand. What’s more?

1.  High performance: Like most high-ranking brands, serger also allows 3-4 thread conversions. Besides, it provides 1300 stitches per minute to ensure you finish your project quickly yet expertly.

2. Color-coded threading: As a beginner, threading can be a challenge. Lucky for you this best serger comes with an easy-to-use color code that enables you to thread easily.

3. Pressure foot: Included in the serger are three different feet for your convenience and versatility. For starters, the gathering foot joins your fabric to finish the edges in a single step. Also, the piping doesn’t just hold the narrow piping but also guides and controls the zippers in place. Conversely, the blind hem stitch foot also creates blind hems on a variety of fabrics.

4.       Adjustable stitch: You can adjust your width to required settings from 3mm-7mm.

5.       Free arm: Because of the free arm, it can convert into a flat-bed surface. This provides convenience to work on the same surface without moving around accessing the hard-to-reach areas.


Fast sewing

Easy threading

Several pressure feet

Adjustable settings



Hard to control the speed

7. Brother ST4031HD Serger

Do you want to up your sewing game with a high-quality serger machine? The Brother ST4031HD lives up to the hype with no disappointments.

  1. Blade: The blade is of heavy-duty carbon steel. Better yet, it is also very sharp in that it can cut through multiple layers of fabrics, both heavy and light, delivering clean cuts with no loose threads.
  2. Stitches: It comes with five different stitches for both overlocks and hemming. These will work best for hobby craft projects to meet other user preferences.
  3. Extension table: This serger comes with a large extension table that provides enough room for you to overlock many fabrics without feeling overcrowded. Remarkably, it is detachable, so you can choose to remove it when you don’t need it.
  4. Metal thread stand: It helps the thread easily feed up and out of the spool without tangled or loose. This way, you will sew quickly. Well, it is made of metal, so rest assured of no need for replacements anytime soon.
  5. Metal frame: The metal frame and gears inside ensure stability on any surface, even when sewing at high speeds. Also, it will stand against the test of time guaranteeing durability.


Easy to set up

Easy to use




It doesn’t allow using two threads.

8. Janome MOD-8933 Serger Sewing Machine

Everybody wants a machine that is user-friendly in design and operation, just like this Janome MOD-8933. This incredible serger machine features;

  1. 3 or 4 thread overlock: Apart from allowing you to choose the right setting for your type of fabric, it also has an in-built elasticity. This enables garments to fit naturally and comfortably.
  2. Knife: The rectangle knife is on the upper side, safe for the hands when changing threads. Better yet, the location is suitable, ensuring you sew without cutting the fabric unless you want to.
  3. Open threading: It has a left side that opens up, allowing you to view the chart and machine as you thread easily. Still, there’s a pretension setting on the lower part that helps you wind quickly in the shortest time possible.
  4. Adjustable dimensions: There’s an adjustable length of 1mm-4mm and a width of 3.1mm-7mm to suit your needs. Also, a sewing speed of 1300 spm enables you to complete your project faster.


Compact size


Simple threading

Retractable knife

Thread conversions


Challenge using on heavy fabrics

9 Janome 8002D Serger Sewing Machine

Are you looking to achieve the store-bought designs on your sewing project? The Janome 8002D is affordable and ready to work as you need it to. Read on.

  1. Color-coded threading: With color-code, you will easily thread the machine, especially as a first-timer. You will also find a changeable thread guide.
  2. Tension dials: There’s a simple-to-understand chart on the machine that helps you adjust the tension easily to eliminate confusion. Still, they are easy to reach, making you work flawlessly without any inconvenience.
  3. Differential feed adjustment: This allows you to avoid stretching and creasing when working with many fabrics simultaneously. one feeds the correct amount of material depending on the stitch length setting, while the other pushes and pulls the fabric to match the differential feed setting.
  4. Rolled hem conversion: It makes it easy for you to change from regular serging to a rolled hem without removing the needle, as with most other sergers.
  5. Compact: Apart from having a user-friendly design, it is also compact. This is an excellent feature as it does not take up more of your working space.


Rolled hem conversion

Easy threading

Adjustable feeds


Easy to use

Thread conversion

Tension adjustment dial


Threads keep breaking, causing frequent re-threading

10. Janome MyLock 634D Overlock Serger

You should consider buying the Janome MyLock 634D if you take your sewing projects seriously. This is because it offers impressive features such as;

  1. Color-coded threading: Aside from the color-coded guide, there are lower guides to help you accomplish easy and quick threading.
  2. Retractable knife: This knife moves upwards to allow you to sew without cutting and thread without the fear of cutting yourself. The retractable feature is also a safety feature.
  3. Adjustable stitch: The length and width of the stitch are adjustable from 1mm-5mm and 3.1mm-7.3mm, respectively. Therefore, you are free to use various fabrics, from light and thin to heavy and thick.
  4. Differential feed: It is adjustable from 0.5mm-2.2mm, preventing wrinkling and stretching. Remarkably, it also offers an impressive sewing speed of 1300spm for quick work.
  5. Extras: Also, it features lay-in threading, adjustable foot pressure, a waste chip box, and a snap-on presser foot. Also, the extra needle and other compound functions are well suitable for expert sewers. However, the user-friendly design makes a beginner catch up using it in no time.


Speedy sewing

Adjustable stitch

Retractable knife

Adjustable tension device

Multiple thread conversions

Easy threading


It is challenging to adjust the tension.

11.SINGER Professional 5 14T968DC Serger

When it comes to sewing, expanding your creativity and exploring many possibilities will improve your game and end-products. Therefore, you need the best serger machine-like SINGER Professional 5 14T968DC that comes with unique features to allow you to enjoy your projects. It consists of;

  1. Thread capability: Better than most sergers, this one has a wide range of stitch options from 2-5. This way, rest assured of high-quality results on your garments.
  2. Self-adjusting tension: First, you turn the dial to your desired setting on the chart. Subsequently, the tension settings will keep self-adjusting as you keep working to give you an easy time to focus on your work.
  3. 1300spm: This speed makes you fast in finishing your project. Better yet, even with the speedy performance, you can comfortably choose from seams, rolled hems, hems, decorative edges, and cover hems.
  4. Access lever enables you to convert easily to rolled hem mode by moving the stitch finger to a suitable position.


Multiple stitch options

Self-adjusting tension

In-built rolled hems




The clutch button gets stuck in the up position.

12. Singer Finishing Touch Serger

If you want to buy a serger that sews, finishes, and trims seams in a single step, this is it! Apart from the user-friendly design that works best for beginners, it also has other unique features like;

  1. Color-coded and diagram: Threading can be challenging for nearly all beginners. However, this serger comprises color-coded threading as well as a chart to simplify the threading process further.
  2. Adjustable in-built stitches: It is easy to adjust the length and width of the five in-built stitches from 3mm-6.7mm. Besides, the adjustable-height increases or decreases the space while the width is for narrowing or widening.
  3. Differential feed adjustment: This enables manageable control of the back and front sections of the feed dog. This way, you will avoid the puckering and stretching of heavy and light fabrics.
  4. Metal frame: Apart from a professional finish, the heavy-duty metal frame also guarantees the durability and stability of this machine.
  5. LED lighting: It will illuminate your workspace, allowing you to work even at night. Also, it consists of a free arm that gives you space to work on small projects like the cuffs and hems. There’s also removable slide-off storage that helps you keep your project items within easy reach.
  6. Adjustable speed: By using the dial, you can adjust the operating speed to a maximum of 1300spm. Better yet, this machine has an extra-high presser foot lifter that helps you to work quickly on heavy fabrics.


Adjustable speed

Free arm


Convenient lighting

Easy threading

Adjustable feed


Slightly tricky to thread lower looper

13. SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish Serger Sewing Machine

Nothing beats getting value for your money hence the need to buy this 14CG754 ProFinish for sewing projects. What’s more?

  1. Adjustable switch: With the help of the stitch dial, tension discs, and adjustment knob, you can easily adjust the tension, length, and width of a stitch. Therefore, you can fine-tune to create perfect stitches, not to mention the adjustable features are accessible and marked.
  2. Differential feed: You can adjust the differential feed to keep it even all through your work. This way, you can achieve incredible seams without creasing and stretching the fabrics.
  3. Color-coded threading: Color coding is easy when changing threads or setting up the machine for easy threading.
  4. Retractable cutting blade: When you don’t want to trim the seams, retracting the edge is the best thing to do. Also, if you’re going to move the blade under the needle plate safely, just open the looper cover and slide right the blade holder. Then, turn the holder anticlockwise till it locks firmly in position.
  5. High presser foot lifter: Higher than most models, the presser foot lifter has an extra height that allows the user to put lots of layers under the presser foot.
  6. Mock stretch stitch: This trial stitch pattern comes in handy when sewing knit fabric. The fabric and the stitched stretch simultaneously to avoid the threads from breaking in case of a stressed seam. So, this stitch is ideal for professional projects due to the unbreakable effect even with a stretched fabric.


Safe to use

Easy to thread


Adjustable stitch


Included accessories

Adjustable differential feed


It is not stable on the surface.

14.SINGER 14SH764CL Stylist Serger Portable Sewing Machine

While looking for the best serger sewing machine can be difficult, this 14SH764CL Stylist Serger ends your search significantly. It consists of unique features like;

  1. Multiple stitches: Obtaining a professional look is not as hard anymore because this machine offers different stitches such as flatlock, overlocking, rolled hems, blind hems, and many more.
  2. Stitch configuration: Also, the 4/3/2 stitch conversion ability, together with the speedy 1300smp, will make you enjoy your work even more.
  3. Portable: You have the luxury to take your serger to a sewing class for advanced learning if you wish. This is possible thanks to the compact design and the carry handle that enables easy transportation.
  4. Color-coded threading: For a newbie, nothing is more stressful than threading a serger. Luckily, the color-coded guide is easy to follow when setting up and threading your machine. Besides, the guide also has stitch and sewing techniques that will improve your game on the device.
  5. Differential feed: This eliminates the stretching and puckering of different fabrics. This way, you can maintain strong seams so you can adjust the tension, width, and length to gain the perfect stitches. Still, free included accessories like the tweezers, needle set, spreader, dust cover, and screwdriver.


Extra accessories


Easy to use

Multiple stitches

Convertible stitches


Blade breaks under heavy fabric

15.SINGER 14SH6540 Differential-Feed Serger Sewing Machine

The primary and notable difference between an ordinary garment and a store-bought one is the finishing touches. Thankfully, the 14SH6540 is affordable and doesn’t compromise on the quality of its high performance. Read on.

  1. 4/3 stitch: Even though it has limitations on the stitch configuration ability, it still does a great job creating finished raw edges and perfect stitches. Better yet, it works on a maximum of 1300spm, which is very fast to ensure you end working quickly.
  2. Color-coded threading: This also has a lay-in threading feature that complements the color-coded ability for an easy threading experience.
  3. Four thread mock stretch stitch: It allows strong seams that will not break the threads on a stretchy fabric. Also, they provide decorative capabilities to improve the look of your garment.


Easy to use

Firm seams

Decorative stitches

Stitch configuration




You need a tutorial for threading

What Is A Serger Sewing Machine And Why Do You Need One?

A serger is a sewing machine with unique features that bind fabric together with an overlock stitch. An overlock stitch is come by making 3-4 stitches on the serger. Usually, it’s an ordinary finishing stitch that is present on all clothes.

Because of the overlock stitch, most regions will refer the serger to an overlocker machine. Luckily, you can use the serger machine to make high-quality products with professional finishes even at home. Unfortunately, most times, the serger machine only comes to complement the sewing machine rather than replacing it.

Moreover, overlockers come readily built with several features to enable an easy and excellent performance, such as hemmers, cutters, and even several stitches. Therefore, when you want to sew clothes for professional or hobby purposes, a serger machine comes in handy to ensure you achieve excellent results. Better yet, you will keep the clothes in perfect condition.

So, why do you need a serger sewing machine? Read on.

  1. Even though most people opt to buy the standard sewing machine, the best serger will provide the garment with the most durable overlock stitches. Besides, a typical sewing machine only creates straight stitches.
  2. Also, a serger machine cuts fabrics from light to heavy just the way you want it. This way, there’s no need to get a separate cutting table with cutting blades.
  3. Furthermore, you can sew different types of fabrics using a serger machine. Therefore, you have the versatility to create different designs matching your creativity levels.
  4. With a serger, you can also do simple repairs and touch-ups to your old clothing. This enables you to adjust and offer a professional new look better than the old.
  5. As you cut the fabric with the serger, you can also create finished edges. So, you can sew and join the materials together in separate knits.
  6. Because of the multiple varying stitches, the serger can combine thick, heavy, and light materials. So you will have more stitches on tough fabrics like denim while few stitches on delicate and light materials like silk.
  7. You can also use the serger machine to do upholstery projects like curtains, cushions, covers, and beddings. Again, this is because it can create decorative patterns on finished garments, not just the functional stitches alone.

The Different Types of Serger Sewing Machine

As observed earlier, a serger is a sewing machine with a unique design. What makes it different from sewing machines is the ability to a differing number of needles and threads.

Consequently, there are three main types of serger machines. These types are categorized using the number of threads for every operation. They are as follows;

  • A 2–4 thread serger: This is used to make a two-thread overlocked edge
  • A 3–4 thread serger: It uses either three or four threads
  • A five-thread serger: This uses a total of three threads for the overlocked edge and the remaining two for the seam line

Buying Guide of a Good Serger Sewing Machine

User-friendly: Whether the user is an expert or a beginner, they should look for a serger machine that is not just easy to thread but simple to use in all functions. Preferably, it would be best to check the reviews of the particular overlocker before making the final purchase.

Differential Feed: A differential feed enables users to work with different textures in fabrics providing a more professional-quality product. So, you should check the machine first to ensure it can handle other materials to avoid disappointments. Moreover, the differential feed also allows the stitch to stretch on specific heavier fabrics.

Automatic Threading: Usually, beginners and even some experts dislike the manual threading process. Ideally, it would be best if you looked for the sergers offering automatic threading. This feature operates when the air pushes the thread through the serger. While it is the best aid for threading headaches, it also saves on the time spent in manual threading. Besides, other machines come with color-coded threading procedures, which is an easier manual way of threading with the help of a guide.

The Number of Stitches: Regarding your sewing project needs, you need to determine the number of stitches the serger provides. It is essential to buy an overlocker that offers multiple stitches for versatility. This way, you have no restrictions in using any stitch techniques for your high-quality results. Without a doubt, a quality machine should also be able to handle curved stitches.

The Number of Threads: Typical machines with limited options can only manage two or three threads. Still, a four-thread machine is a more popular choice for forming a fabric layer before hemming. You can also achieve simple tasks using a 2-4 thread serger. However, a minimum of five threads should be available to deliver a good cover stitch for stretchy fabrics. These are those you find in swimsuits or dance costumes.

Budget: Well, you can only buy what you can afford. Even though the budget is crucial, you should not compromise on the quality. The quality will depend on the type of features you are looking for to meet your sewing requirements. With the vast options in the market, finding a quality serger at an affordable rate is possible. Besides, most complex machines may have extra features that are not as necessary but hike the price. So, you should compare different serger reviews to look for a cost-effective and affordable machine.

Attachments: Check whether the machine comes with the available extensions and upgrades. Better yet, if they are available, determine if they fit your needs in sewing. These extra features help majorly in performing more intricate tasks.


Undeniably, making the right decision on the best serger sewing machine depends on the amount of knowledge in the essential factors for a quality machine. Besides, the top-grade serger will be easy to handle and manipulate, even for a beginner.

Preferably, it should feature a suitable differential feed for material adaptability and automatic or color-coded threading features. In addition, the serger will have the correct number of threads along with various stitching techniques. Apart from also offering practical attachments, the machine should be realistically priced considering its primary functions.

The JUKI MO654DE Portable Serger Sewing Machine checks all the boxes with a higher speed of 1500spm than the others from our above selection. Because each machine comes with its perks compared to the other, which is your ideal choice above?


Q: What is the best serger for beginners?

A: Preferably, the Janome 8002D Serger Sewing Machine because of its compact and inexpensive nature. Besides, as your first serger machine, you should not invest a lot in buying an expensive one.

Q: Are Sergers better than sewing machines?

A: Basically, it depends on the type of project you have. This is because they both have different roles to play that make one hard to replace the other but act well as complements. 

Q: Is it worth buying a serger?

A: For a professional looking to create high-quality garments, a serger machine is a must have besides a sewing machine. This way, you will achieve great finishes and maintain the clothes in excellent conditions.

Q: Can you serge with a sewing machine?

A: Yes. However, you will need an overlock foot to achieve the overlocking stitch.

Q: How is a serger different from a sewing machine?

A: Unlike sewing machines, sergers are faster and perfect for finishing off edges.

Q: Do I need a serger and a sewing machine?A: For starters, you don’t need a serger to make your clothes or sew knits. However, a serger will make your work easier and produce professional-looking clothes than a sewing machine would. So, yes, it would be best to own both if you are looking at achieving quality results.