26 Best Sewing Machine for Kids

Best Sewing Machine for Kids

It can be a challenging task to find the most suitable sewing machine for kids. However, one might think it only involves finding the cutest and cheapest model.

On the contrary, most of these quick buys will break down in a short time.  If your child has developed a great interest in sewing, it is best if you can find him/her the most suitable sewing machine.

You might think to yourself: “How much will I have to invest in a sewing machine?” You’ll be amused to discover that there are good quality machines for less than a hundred dollars.

You don’t have to buy highly-priced kids’ sewing machines. Instead, you can find inexpensive and good sewing machines in the market for your kid.

Read on to find a guide on the best sewing machines we have recommended.

26 Best Sewing Machines for Kids in 2021

1.     Brother XM2701 Lightweight Children’s Sewing Machine

The Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine is made for older kids who need a machine suitable for a beginner.  It has an abundance of great features.

Included Features

·   59 stitching functions

·   25 years limited warranty

·   Included instructional DVD and manual

·   LED Light

·   A darning plate

·   Foot pedal

·   It is light in weight (12 pounds)

·   Auto system for bobbin winding

·   Auto buttonholer

·   Free arm

·   One-step buttonhole

·       27 built-in stitches

The machine is a perfect choice for entry-level children.


·        An excellent machine for kids

·        Perfect for beginners

·        Simple to use

·        Has a free quilting arm

·        It has a variety of stitch options

·        Reliable and inexpensive


·        The stitch varieties can be confusing

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2.      Brother XM1010 10-Stitch Sewing Machine

The Brother XM1010 Sewing Machine is a much simpler machine to use than the previous version, Project Runway. 

Unlike most beginner machines, this machine is complete in size. However, despite that, the machine is light in weight.

By turning a knob, you can select the ten stitch options, including four-step options for buttonholes.

A great addition to the machine is a DVD that will help your child get started on their sewing.


·   Several stitch options suitable for beginners

·        DVD with helpful instructions

·        The full-size machine is light in weight


·        The machine is not light enough for kids

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3.      Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine

The Brother CS6000i Machine may seem to be a little complicated, and while this wouldn’t be the best fit for kids, it is an excellent option for older kids.

The machine quality is bound to last for years to come. It also comes with a table wide enough to handle projects like quilting.

The machine’s speed is adjustable, and it can sew up to 850 SPM. It comes with 60 stitches you can make a selection from and 7-step buttonhole options.

Its automatic threader functions well, and even though it is not built for embroidery, it comes with decorative stitches for performing basic embellishments.

It also comes with an instructional DVD for beginners.


·       Inclusion of a table wide enough for large projects

·   Great for both advanced and beginner projects

·   It has a user-friendly automatic threader

·   Has an adjustable setting for speed

·       60 stitch options, decorative stitches, and 7-step buttonholes


·       Price is on the higher side

·        Not the best option for younger children

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4. Brother SM1738D Kids Sewing Machine

The Brother SM1738D Machine has a drop-in system for the bobbin. Therefore, kids can very quickly securely set up the bobbin.

It also has a stitch selector, which comes with mini diagrams of the various stitches, making it easy to select.

The machine has 17 built-in stitches and a free arm function for sewing smaller openings such as cuffs and sleeves.

The Brother SM1738D has four sewing feet, including buttonhole, button sewing, zipper, and zigzag feet.

What makes the machine more exciting is its four Disney-themed faceplates, which you can swap out.


·        User-friendly stitch selection dial

·        Four sewing feet

·        17 built-in stitches


·   Tighter bobbin tension

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5.     Brother LS14S Metal Chassis Sewing Machine

The Brother LS14S Machine is a traditional metallic chassis machine. The metal chassis ensures the machine can support its internal components with ease.

Its rigid metal frame gives the machine stability to prevent accidents from occurring. In addition, the machine’s bobbin system ensures it is jam-proof.

It also comes with an LED light to support the treading of the machine. The tension of the top thread is easily adjustable through the tension dial. The thread tension gives you the ability to control your sewing process.

A free arm is provided to help reach the difficult to sew areas like the sleeves and cuffs.

The machine also comes with:

·   A buttonhole foot

·   Dust cover

·   Foot control pedal

·   Screwdriver

·   Three bobbins

·   Zipper foot used in attaching zippers

·   Three-year warranty

The sewing machine also comes with a DVD that works as a guide to beginners and the machine.


·       Light in weight

·   Good quality machine

·   Has versatile accessories

·   Easy setting up

·       Smooth stitching


·        It lacks a dial for lengthening stitches

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6. Brother LX3817A Sewing Machine

The Brother LX3817A happens to be an incredible machine for your DIY projects. In addition, it is a good machine for your kid’s everyday projects.

The machine includes a 4-step buttonhole, couching options, zigzag, and a hemstitch. It also comes with an instructional DVD on how to use the machine properly.

It also has four different sewing feet (Button foot, buttonhole, zipper, and zigzag. The thread tension knob will help with the correct tension for the textile your child wants to use.

It is light in weight and easily portable. This Brother machine is one of the most versatile machines you can come across.


·   Limited 25-year warranty

·   Great machine for a beginner

·   Easy to work with

·   17 built-in stitch options

·   Portable


·       The machine is too basic for the advanced kids

·   Difficult to use for denim and thick fabrics

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7.     Barbie Sewing Machine and Doll Playset

Okay, we hear you. This one deviates from gender stereotypes, but this could be the first sewing machine of their dreams if you have a girly girl in the family.

The machine comes with fabrics, accessories, and patterns that create five spectacular doll outfits. Also, note that this is best for sewing clothes for your Barbie doll.

So if your child is looking for more significant fashion projects, this might not be for them. Still, it is also an entertaining way to get excited about clothing making and creativity in sewing.

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8.     Beletops Mini Machine

The Beletops Mini Sewing machine is light in weight. It has a foot pedal, LED light, and a double thread, and it is a perfect choice for beginners and kids.

Included Features

·        Perfect with most fabrics

·        Simple but with extraordinary features

·        Portable

·        Heavy-duty frame

Every feature a beginner would need is provided by this machine.

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9. Singer 1304 Start Free Arm Sewing Machine

Affordable, small, and sleek, the Singer 1304 Start is for basic use and features blue accents and white design.

The machine is most suitable for boys and tweens who may not fancy the colors of other sewing machines for kids.

Features Included

·       Free arm

·   Auto bobbin winder

·   Accessories

·   Six built-in stitch options

·   Easy to thread system

·   Portable and lightweight

·       Stitch selection dial

The Singer 1304 machine is not as lightweight as most machine models. However, it offers easy threading with printed diagrams on the machine’s right side.

The twin needles provided make the machine a perfect fit for decorations and hemming. In addition, the sewing machine has 3-presser feet and a heavy-duty frame which eases your starting process.

There are also preset stitch lengths and widths. The width and length settings allow you to start your project with ease.

The thread tension is adjusted automatically; thus, you do not need to worry about breaking the thread.


·        Perfect machine for kids

·        Excellent for beginners

·        Easy to work with

·        Preset stitch width and length

·        Easy stitch selection

·        Portable and small


·        Can easily tip while working on heavier projects

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10.  Singer 2259 Tradition Sewing Machine

Why is the Singer 2259 Tradition machine great for children? Because it is perfect for the kid who is just learning how to sew.

The machine has an easy stitch selection option and a threading system. The machine has an adjustable stitch length and zigzag width. In addition, it features 19 built-in stitch options and a 4-step buttonhole.

The machine has a reasonable price and onboard storage as well as a free arm. It also comes with a stitch selection option.

The 19-built stitch options allow you to select home décor, decorative sewing, fashion sewing, and crafts.


·        It has an adjustable tension

·        Limited 25-year warranty with online customer support

·   Accessories for this machine include DVD, instructional manual, foot pedal, power cord, needles, seam ripper, lint brush, bobbins, screwdriver, zipper foot, and buttonhole foot


·        It has plenty of needle jams

·        The automatic threader does not perform well in comparison to the competitor machines

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11.   Singer Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine for Kids

The Singer Tradition 2277 machine is robust and suitable for kids. This particular Singer model is rich in spectacular features, yet it is among the best beginner machines.

Included Features

·   It has an automatic option for reverse sewing

·   Foot lift

·   A heavy-duty metal frame

·   1-step buttonhole

·   Needle threader

·       23 built-in stitch options and 19 decorative stitch options

The machine is ideal for users at entry-level. It has a limited warranty (25 years) and a variety of features that teens can learn.

The Singer machine also comes with a needle threader that takes away the hustle of threading a needle.


·        Easy to use

·        An excellent machine for kids

·        23 stitching options

·        An automatic option for reverse sewing

·        It has a dial for speed control

·        Long term warranty for investment protection


·        There are too many options for a younger kid to fathom

The Tradition 2277 machine is an excellent choice for teenage users and beginners and a perfect fit for kids.

It also comes with a dust cover, presser feet, spools, caps, bobbins, a quilting guide, and other sewing accessories.

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12.  SINGER Start 1304 Sewing Machine

The Singer Start 1304 machine will be suitable for kids because of the imprinted diagrams on the machine. These help the kids with a step-by-step process they can follow.

It also gives you the confidence that the children can easily select the stitch types they would like to use.

The dial for the stitch selector is designed to make it easy to use and access. Besides, kids can be highly creative while using 6 built-in stitch options.

The stitches include buttonholing, scallop, and zigzag, straight, satin, and blind hem. It also has a 4-step buttonhole which makes it simple for use by kids.

Three presser feet are also added to the machine. The construction for this machine is also fantastic. You can be sure that your children will enjoy using it for years to come.


·   6 built-in stitch options

·   Easy to thread

·   3 presser feet


·   Some people observe that the bobbin can jam

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13.  Spiegel SP3201 Sewing Machine

Have you had an intriguing feeling about getting to purchase a suitable machine that fits your child’s interest in sewing?

The Spiegel SP3201 sewing machine is a specialized but slightly simple machine that fits your child’s sewing needs.

The stitch settings in this machine are not the only positive in the machine, but clearly, they are the highlight of the machine.

The machine has 32 options for stitches, some of which are decorative. However, when it comes to the more practical features, the sewing machine has a snag-free bobbin which is easy to learn.

It also comes with a 1-step auto buttonhole, a thread cutter, and thread tension adjusted. The machine also has stitch length and width that can be customized and a visibility-enhancing LED light.

Features Included

·   LED light

·   Thread cutter

·   Thread tension you can adjust

·   Customizable stitch width and length

·   32 Decorative and Utility stitches

·   Easy to use bobbin


·        Beginner-friendly

·        Versatile

·        Lightweight and compact

·        Affordable pricing


·        Not made for heavy-duty use

Spiegel intended to create a machine that was suitable for beginners. And with this particular machine, they succeeded.

The machine is a sure bet to please both beginner and intermediate users.

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14.  Janome Arctic Crystal Sewing Machine

The Janome Arctic Crystal sewing machine is made using aluminum.  Thus, the material makes it durable yet light in weight.

It is ideal for children and has the kinds of features every child that loves sewing would appreciate:

·   A maximum speed of 800 SPM

·   4 presser sewing feet

·   Presser foot lift

·   Adjustable stitch lengths

·   15 built-in stitch options

·   Heavy-duty interior

·   Feed dog

·   Zigzag width and stitch length you can adjust

·   An automatic bobbin winder

The machine is durable, and it offers your child the right amount of features needed for them to enjoy their sewing.


·        Has excellent reviews

·        Portable and perfect for kids

·        Four-step buttonhole

·        Automatic needle threading

·        15 stitch options

·        Adjustable stitch length

·        Durable metal frame


·        It does not come with a cover

The sewing machine is not bought with a cover, so it can easily attract debris and dust to the interior.

Apart from this complaint, the machine’s beautiful designing and stitch options are enough to give you good years of service.

With a daughter, this is the sewing machine to get for her.

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15.  Janome Fastlane Fuschia Basic Sewing Machine

The bright fuchsia color on the Janome Fastlane sewing machine is one aspect that has kids getting enticed to it.

The machine weighs only 5 pounds and has a presser foot that comes with a finger guard for protecting your child’s fingers.

The machine is one of the reasonably priced kid’s sewing machines in the market today.

It has ten built-in stitch options, including straight, crescent, and zigzag. It also comes with a free arm, threading diagrams, a transparent cover, drop-in bobbin, and easy reverse.

The machine’s multiple functions for sewing include zipper insertion, quilt piecing, seaming, applique, general crafting, and mending.

The machine also comes with a limited 25-year warranty.


·        You can use it to make lightweight denim, cotton, knits, flannel, and chiffon.

·        Suitable for apartment or dorm living

·        Has a dial for tension control, feed dog, and an accessory tray


·        The stitches do not match the competitor quality

·        On certain occasions, the bobbin does not pick up

That said, we would highly recommend this machine for keeping your tiny tots’ fingers safe.

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16.   Janome 11706 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

The Janome 11706 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine features 11 built-in stitch options, a four-step buttonholer, a carry handle, and a free arm.

The light in weight kid’s machine is an excellent choice for carrying to your dorm or sewing class.

The machine comes with a hook bobbin, dial for stitch selection, presser feet, bobbin winder, high presser foot, and a 3-piece feed dog.

The hello kitty design is appealing on the outside, and the machine is rated as one of the best small machines in the market.


·       The plastic bobbin is easily replaceable with a Singer bobbin

·   Excellent stitch quality, and is light in weight

·       A front-loading bobbin is suitable for children


·        Off needle timing thus unable to pick the bobbin thread

Help your child perfect their sewing skills with this sewing machine today.

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17.   Janome Bandana Blush Sewing Machine

Janome Bandana Blush is a great sewing machine option for both the young sewing enthusiast and the experienced user. 

The machine can sew both the simple sewing tasks to paper crafting and scrapbooking. In addition, it is portable, and thus your kids can move with it from place to place.

It has 4 stitch options and 6 stitch length and width variations.

Features Included

·        Dial for stitch selection

·        Pull-push bobbin winder

·        Five stitch length adjustments

·        Feed dog

·        4 stitches

·        High presser foot

·        Top loader bobbin

·        Lightweight


·        It comes in many fun colors

·        Good fit for beginners and the young

·        Intuitive controls

·        Slow sewing speeds make it appropriate for children

·        Lightweight and compact


·        Slow speeds thus not suitable for adults

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18.   John Lewis & Partners JL110SE Sewing Machine, Aqua

This attractive sewing machine comes in a range of beautiful colors appealing to the kid’s eyes.

The JL110SE sewing machine boasts a front-loading bobbin, 14 stitches, and a free arm.  The machine also comes with a 2-year warranty and is electronic.

Buy from John Lewis

19.   Donyer Portable Mini Sewing Machine

The Donyer Portable Mini Sewing Machine is designed specifically for children. The model will help your child improve their imagination and offer hands-on skills at a fair price.

The machine’s features include:

·   A storage area for accessories

·   Thread cutter

·   Portable and light in weight

·   Has a free arm

·   Adjustable width and stitch length

·   Guide for needle threading

·   12 built-in stitch options

·   2 controls for speed

It is recommended that you understand the manual first before using the machine. Designed for kids, this machine has low speeds, which allow kids as young as 5 years to use the machine.

A push-button and foot control are offered. The controls allow the kid to use their hand or foot in sewing.


·   Portability

·   Double switch control

·   Speed options suitable for kids of all ages


·        It has no capability like a regular machine

The machine is one of the best reasonably priced kid’s machines in the market.  The machine’s use is to help kids in learning how to sew using its key features.

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20.   Shendian Mini Sewing Machine

The Shendian Mini Sewing Machine is a light weight machine suitable for smaller children.

The reasonably priced machine has the following features:

·   Presser feet

·   Some options are battery-powered

·   Adjustments in stitch length

·   Control of thread tension

·   Dial for stitch selection

·   Lightweight, portable design

·   High and low speeds

·   12 built-in stitch options


·        Has speed options working well for kids

·        12 built-in stitch options

·        Some options are battery-operates


·        The thread, in most cases, will need to be put back when you start the machine

Besides the rethreading complaint, this machine offers an excellent option for use by kids and adults.

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21.   NEX Sewing Machine Free-Arm Crafting Mending Machine

Nex is a suitable sewing machine for kids. In addition, its lightweight body makes it the right choice when it comes to portability.

The machine is excellent with beginners, and it offers the following:

·   Light in weight

·   It has a 2-speed design

·   Reverse and forward options

·   Operates on battery or DC 6V

·   12 built-in stitches

·   Speed and double threading options

The machine users will enjoy minimum noise levels and a handle that allows you to carry around the machine.


·       Fairly priced

·   Can run using battery power

·       Portable and small in size


·        There are some reported issues by users

When teaching your kids the sewing process from the get-go, a machine that is small in size and portable is a great choice.

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22.  Cool Maker Sew N’ Style Sewing Machine with Pom-Pom Maker Attachment

Not ready to invest tons of money in a “real” sewing machine? The Cool Maker Sew N’ Style machine is a great machine to introduce your child without spending lots of money.

It has a protective needle guard, which makes it safe for use with young kids. In addition, this machine’s thread is thicker and more yarn-like. Because of this, the machine works with thicker and felt fabric.

When you buy the machine, it comes with enough fabric to make five projects, such as a tiny unicorn and a pouch.

It also comes with an attachment of a pompom maker.


·        It’s an affordable machine

·        It has a pompom attachment when you buy it

·        It comes with enough fabric to do five projects

·        Safe and easy to use, especially for the younger kids


·        It is not seen as a “real” machine and therefore is limiting to the projects one can do

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23.  KPCB 505 Kids Sewing Machine

The KPCB 505 Kids Sewing Machine may be precisely what your kids deserve. The machine is portable.

It has 12 built-in stitch options, which are great for beginners. Some of the accessories that this machine comes with include:

·   Instructional manual

·   An AC adapter

·   A foot pedal

·   1 threader

·   2 metal bobbins

·   2 thread spools

Some of its features include:

·   LED light

·   A threader

·   A thread cutter

·   Reverse button

·   Drop-in bobbin

·   12 built-in stitch options


·       Versatile

·   Easy to use

·   Convenient to use

·   Portable

·       Affordable


·   Not suitable for multiple sewing layers

·       It is not stable when sewing

After evaluating this machine, we would recommend it because it is straightforward for the beginner.

It provides good quality work for simple sewing projects and mending work.

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24.  Varmax 201 Mini Sewing Machine with Extension Table

The Varmax 201 Mini Sewing Machine is compact, and it weighs less than 3 pounds. The machine boasts modern aesthetics, such as its white color and purple accents.

Included Features

·       Standard needle sizes

·   Runs using batteries

·   The machine has a thread cutter

·   Adjustable speed control

·       It has an extension table you can use while working on a larger project


·   Portable and compact

·   Easy to use

·   You can use it anywhere since it powers using batteries

·   Can sew different materials

·   Fairly priced


·   Some users find it to be too lightweight

The fact that this machine is compact, it is a great choice. Also, the extension table gives it more points.

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25.   Haitral Sewing Machine

The Haitral Sewing Machine is a compact size machine powered by 4AA batteries. You can carry it anywhere and keep working no matter the location. With this machine, your child will enjoy crafting and quilting.

Features Included

·        LED light for brightening a work area

·        Automatic bobbin winder

·        Has two power options, both power and battery use

·        The machine has two speeds

·        Has a push button and foot pedal switch

·        You save a lot of space when using this machine


·        It comes with an instruction manual

·        It can be a perfect gift for both beginners and sewing enthusiasts

·        Getting the machine started is easy for beginners

·        The machine has an adjustable speed from low to high

·        The machine is lightweight

·        The machine has a double thread design


·        This sewing machine’s thread is not the same, and this might bother some of the users.

Price on Amazon

26.   Theo Klein 7901 Fashion Passion Kids Sewing Machine

Theo Klein is a renowned manufacturer of kid’s toys. The Theo Klein 7901 Sewing Machine is a kid’s sewing machine.

The machine comes with 2-speed levels, and therefore it is supplied with a pedal just like an adult sewing machine.

Also included in the machine are a spare needle, 6 spools, and a threader. Bobbins and needles can be bought from the store if required.

Further to making the machine’s efficiency better, the machine has an upper and lower thread. The rotary knob gives room for an easy adjustment to the thread tension.

The power button allows for easy switching on and off.


·        Space conscious

·        It has a variety of adjustable settings

·        Inexpensive given the features

·        Very portable

·   Versatile

·   Beautifully crafted


·        The machine is fragile; thus, it has a short lifespan

Price on Amazon

What is a Sewing Machine for Kids and Why You Need One

Is your child interested in learning how to sew? Great. If you are good at sewing, you can teach your kids the same craft.

Kids are learning how to sew using a sewing machine for children. They need their sewing machine because they cannot use an adult sewing machine as it will be unsafe.

The Different Types of Best Kids Sewing Machine 

There aren’t distinct types of sewing machines for kids, but there are the types of machines that would not be ideal for kids to use.

These machines would be such as the lockstitch sewing machine and the cover stitch sewing machine. However, they are a bit complicated to use for beginners.

Similarly, quilting sewing machines would not be appropriate if your child is learning how to sew.  

A Brother Sewing Machine would be a better option as it offers some of the best features fit for a beginner.

That said, the Janome Sewing Machine would also be an appropriate option if you are sure your child can handle some bit of complications. But, of course, the same case applies to the Singer sewing machine.

3 Benefits of Using a Sewing Machine for Kids

1.      Sewing teaches your kids an essential life skill.

2.      Sewing creates an environment for an added level of self-esteem and confidence due to the stimulation of their imagination.

3.      Engaging in sewing gives room for creating new friends. Not most kids sew, but in an event where two kids with a common interest in sewing meet, they become friends.

8 Things to Look for in a Good Sewing Machine for Kids

Children require simple machines which are user-friendly and reliable without having to compromise on the machine’s safety.

If you buy your child a computerized machine, this will most likely overwhelm them in the first instance.

Your best bet is to get your kid the type of machine which fits their needs well without overwhelming them.

Factors to consider include:

·   Feet: Get a machine with a presser foot attached with a screw for the feet to be appropriately placed.

·   Foot Pedal: The younger kids find it challenging to use a regular-sized foot pedal. Thus, the best option would be to purchase a machine that has a push-button. This will provide a consistent stitch speed.

·   Speed: When your child is using a push-button model, there are consistent speed levels. This allows for the project to be handled with the required precision instead of using a foot pedal.

·   Weight: The sewing machine’s weight is a critical consideration when determining the choice of a sewing machine for your child. You should pick a machine that has the appropriate weight given the child’s size and age.

·   Warranty: Children will spoil even the lasting items. Ensure you safeguard the sewing machine you have invested in with a warranty.

·   Automatic Needle Threader: Get your child a machine with an automatic needle threader. This will ensure that they get right into their sewing projects without the hassle of threading a needle.

·   Large Dials: Children will appreciate a sewing machine with a dial that has a large stitch selection.

·   Brand Name: There are plenty of Kids Sewing Machine brands in the market. Ensure you identify for your child a machine from a reputable brand.

Final Thoughts

In the list above on the best sewing machines for kids, you will find plenty of options to consider.

We are happy that you are nurturing your child’s ability to sew. Sewing is a life skill that will teach your child how to engage in more constructive activities than watching TV.

We sure hope that this list will be helpful to you as you find the most suitable machine for your child.


  1. What is the best sewing machine for a child?

The best sewing machine for a child is the kind of machine with actual features to help develop their sewing skills. This also means that the machine should not compromise the child’s safety.

  1. At what age can a child use a sewing machine?

Teach your child how to sew depending on their abilities and interests. Here’s what you can teach at each age group:

2-4 years: Shoelaces and yarn are used to run through beads or punched paper. It improves their skill while ensuring safety.

5-9 years: Children can learn basics in sewing, like the easier stitching with fabric and needles.

10-13 years and above: Kids will learn beginner-level projects and more advanced sewing projects at this level.

  1. What is the best sewing machine for a 7-year-old?

The Cool Maker – Sew N’ Style Kids Sewing Machine is the most suitable 7-year-old sewing machine. The machine is used to teach kids about sewing basics.

  1. What is the best sewing machine for an 8-year-old?

The number one pick would be the Singer 1304 Sewing Machine. You can thread the machine quickly, and it has a 3-presser foot and a simple to use stitch selection dial.