8 Best Sewing Thread Brands: Our Top Picks for 2021

best sewing thread brand

Sewing threads are used to secure different parts of the fabric and provide the desired look to your garment. 

Without a high-quality thread, you will compromise on the quality of the garment.

I bet you wouldn’t be amused if a cute little garment you designed for your child didn’t last even up to a month. You would be demoralized. That’s why you must get the right sewing machine thread.

So what are the best sewing thread brands to use? The best thread you will use will vary depending on the material and project. Cotton threads will be suitable when sewing the not-so-heavy fabrics.

On the other hand, polyester will work well with any fabric. Nylon is strong and is most suitable for heavier fabrics.

We have come up with this review to save you from the hassle of having to find the best sewing thread brands.

We have made scrutiny of the customer reviews and studied them to give you this detailed review.

8 Best Sewing Thread Brands

You need to use the best sewing thread for your machine. But again, which is the best sewing thread brand according to the suitability of your project?

Let’s find out.

1. COATS & CLARK Dual Duty XP Heavy Thread

The COATS & CLARK Dual Duty XP is specifically designed to sew medium and heavyweight fabrics. The thread comes with a unique core wrapped with polyester and a dual-trap which ensures easy storage.

Its tensile strength, weather resistance, and colorfastness make it the best choice to sew canvas.

It is suitable for buttonholes, cording, and topstitching. You can use it with exterior and interior upholstery fabrics.

With this thread, you will need a needle in size 16 or 18. The thread fiber is polyester and has a thread weight of 15.


·        The thread is thin but extremely strong

·        It is durable and flexible and doesn’t tangle easily


·        It’s a bit pricey

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2. COATS & CLARK Extra Strong Upholstery Thread

The COATS & CLARK Upholstery Thread is made from 100% nylon. This makes it super strong and gives it the ability to withstand stress. It has resistance to UV rays, mildew, weather, and abrasion. Thus, it is the best for outdoor and indoor sewing.

It is suitable for hand and machine sewing of heavyweight, outdoor, and upholstery fabrics. Use the thread with a size 16 or 18 needles. Its quantity is one spool of 150 yards.


·        Durable and very strong

·        Colorfastness and a nice neutral color


·        The thread is thick, which makes it difficult to use on a machine

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3. Gutermann (Shirring) Elastic Thread

The Gutermann (Shirring) Elastic Thread is among the best stretching thread options proudly produced by Gutermann. It has a basic black or white color, each at 10m long.

Even though the thread is lightweight and thin, it has enough strength for crafts, doll making, knits, and shirring without the thread breaking.

The thread is used for both machine and hand sewing. It also comes with washing instructions; low tumble dry or cold machine wash.


·        Extremely stretchy

·        It is strong


·        The thread comes in a small size

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4. Gutermann Extra Strong & Jeans Sewing Thread

The Gutermann Extra Strong & Jeans Sewing Thread delivers on its promise of quality.  It has a variety of colors you can select from for completion of jeans mending and sewing projects.

Due to its strength and durability, the thread is highly recommended by DIY sewers and professionals.

The Gutermann sewing thread fiber is cotton-covered polyester and is most suitable for darning and sewing jeans material. The thread comes in five spools of thread for the sewing machine.

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5. COATS & CLARK Dual Duty Plus Denim Thread

If your wish is to have the best denim sewing thread, then the COATS & CLARK Denim Thread is your sure bet.

The thread is highly strong and durable enough to get your jeans sewing projects to completion without any hitches, whether by machine or hand. It is also the best thread for hand sewing.

It is 125 yards long, and its spool trap securely holds the thread and prevents it from falling out. The thread is most suitable for both repair and construction. Its fiber is cotton-covered polyester.

It has a heathered denim color.


·        Durable and sturdy

·        Awesome color


·   Its weight is below expectation

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6. Dritz 9345W Elastic Thread White

The Dritz 9345W thread is made of 28% polyester and 72% rubber.

The thread is thin but very suitable for crotchets for sweaters, socks, knits, etc. It comes in white color, and its length is 30 yards.

It is best for smocking and shirring fabrics which are light in weight. Use the thread for both machine and hand sewing. The quantity of the thread is one spool for 30 yards.


·        Has a good price

·        Despite being thin, the thread is strong


·        New users may find the thread difficult to use

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7. Dow 284yrd Waxed Thread

If you are a DIY enthusiast, the DOW 284yrd thread is your best choice. The thread is waxed appropriately to increase its performance and strength. 

It works great on leather and heavy-duty materials.

It has a 260m length and a 1mm thickness and has a selection of 19 colors. The thread is suitable for jewelry making, crafts, and stitching leather by hand.


·        It has an affordable price

·        Has a good variety of colors

·        It is durable and strong


·        Some users complain the thread is not waxed enough

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8. Paxcoo 25 Pcs Bobbins and Sewing Thread

The Paxcoo Bobbins and Sewing thread is a perfect choice if you search for a good quality bobbin thread.

The polyester thread is perfect for embroidery and sewing, and it comes in a standard size that fits most of the sewing machines used at home.

The thread comes with an assortment of 25 colors, a 60cm tape for measuring, which makes it a perfect starter pack for beginners.

It is suitable for sewing in general and fits embroidery and sewing machines such as Juki, Singer, Janome, Babylock, and Brother.  

Its case contains 25 standard-size bobbins.


·        Has a variety of beautiful colors at a fair price

·        Strong thread


·        Its plastic bobbins are not as durable as metal bobbins

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What Is a Sewing Thread and Why You Need One

Sewing threads act as the glue used to stick garments together. A sewing thread holds garments together.

They are as important as sewing machines. Your choice of sewing thread will ultimately determine your garment’s overall hold.

The Different Types of Sewing Threads

By Material:

1.     Wool Thread

2.     Silk Thread

3.     Rayon Thread

4.     Polyester Thread

5.     Nylon Thread

6.     Cotton Thread

By Fabric:

1.      Heavy Duty Thread – Made to withstand high stress and tension.

2.      Embroidery Thread – Has a texture with a high sheen and is made for rayon threads.

3.      Industrial Thread – They can handle chiffon, multi-layered leather, or crepe.

4.      Metallic Thread – Made of a polyester core, then wrapped with metallic foil for that fancy look.

5.      All-purpose Thread – Made of cotton and polyester.

 5 Benefits of Using a Sewing Thread

1.    A sewing thread gives you a high-quality and long-lasting finish.

2. Sewing thread gives you a variety of colors you can choose from for your project.

3.     Sewing thread is effective given the different run sizes, small or large.

4.   When you use sewing thread on your project, it can withstand the rigors of taking care of it daily.

 5.   Using sewing thread on your project gives a professional and smart look when done the right way.

Choosing the Best Sewing Thread

In selecting the best sewing thread, consider the following factors:

1. Fabric Type – When selecting the sewing thread, consider whether the fabric you are using is lightweight or heavy.

2. Machine Type – The strength of the thread and the type of machine you will use go hand in hand. Choose thin threads for regular machines.

3. Tensile Strength – The thread tensile strength determines how far a thread can stretch. Make your thread choice according to your fabric.

4. Color – Select thread kits with a variety of colors. This will cost you less than when buying single-color threads.

5. Spool Size – Choose the most suitable thread spool length according to your needs and, of course, a size that can last you several projects.

6. Durability – Colorfastness, threads resistance to abrasion, long-lasting sheen, lint-free texture, and high tensile strength are some durability factors.

The Verdict

If you want to take your sewing to great heights, good-quality threads should be your best companion.

This guide shows you the threads that will provide you with value for your money.

What are you waiting for?

Grab your threads, give your sewing project the best, and come back with great feedback!


1. Is it better to sew with cotton or polyester thread?

You should sew a cotton fabric with cotton thread. On the other hand, sew man-made or polyester fiber with a polyester thread.

2. Is Gutermann thread good?

Gutermann thread is a 100% polyester thread and is great for home décor items, bags, and garments.

3. What is the best thread for sewing cotton fabric?

The perfect thread for sewing a cotton fabric is a cotton thread. It is mostly used for quilting and patchwork.

4. What is the best all-purpose sewing thread?

Some good quality all-purpose sewing thread is the Coats & Clark Dual Duty General Purpose Thread.

5. What thread count is best?

The best thread count is between 200 and 400. A thread count should not be below 180 because it tends to have a rough texture.

6.  Do sewing machines need special thread?

Even though you can use an all-purpose polyester thread for your projects when working on a unique fabric, use the same thread type as the fabric.

7. What weight is normal sewing thread?

The thread weights in the market are 30, 35, 50, 60, and 100. 

The weight is shown on the bottom or side of the spool.

8. What is the best sewing thread for masks?

It is recommended that you use 100% cotton thread in sewing your masks. This is because it does a good filtering job as well as it is breathable.

9. What is the best thread for sewing cotton fabric?

The best thread for sewing cotton fabrics is cotton thread.